Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Vusale Hesretli

Rich culture brings pride to every nation. But at the same time it is important to protect this culture and passing it to future generation demands big responsibility. If this culture is of interest to other nations, this responsibility situation is doubled. Azerbaijan has a rich culture, unique music (one of them SARI GELIN), musical instruments-(Tar, Kamanca, Saz , Balaban and so on). Those who know Azerbaijan culture, don’t hide their amazement. This admiration sometimes reaches such limit that they work to take part in cultural events themselves. In the first place who wants to take our culture are Armenians. They don’t satisfied to occupy our lands, they even want to get our musics such Sari gelin and music instrument such Balaban. Armenians created lie history about Sari Gelin and Balaban. In 2010 eurovision song contest their began their song with balaban. The even changed 

Balaban’s name and called “Duduk”. If we investigate this values history everybody will notice that this music and instrument belong to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijaninas.There are many versions about creating of Sari Gelin. One version is this: This song history has gone before Islam. Thinks that this song’s have 150 – 200 year history. At the beginning of the VII century has been accepted “sarı” yellow word in the symbolical meaning “big “, “mountain”. But in the ancient Turk conception this word in the meaning of aristocratic, noble. This expression in us in two conceptions, is used as “colour ” and “weak of heart”. Russians have occupied XIX century territories of Erzurum. This time one Legend of Turkish troops has been in love to Slavic girl and “Sarı gelin” has written a poem by this name. But chief of the scientific research laboratory of the national conservatory Abbasqulu Necefzadenin say that this song’s words were written by famous statesman, commander and poet Shah Ismayil Xatai in XVI century. He says that when shah looked at play of the dancer girls in the palace he has involved for girl being in the yellow coloured clothes and Xatai wrote such poem. Shah Ismayil Xatai wanted to inform not braiding tip of the hair of Azerbaijan girls. But many investigators say that in this song sari word is changeable form of Sara. Sara is the name of one girl. There is other song with Sara. This song is called “Aparadi seller sarani” (Streams took away saran)…

We are proud of our culture!!!


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